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Professional Video support for your virtual audits

As a student in school, I still remember the days when the days of our school inspection. These inspections used to be conducted by the government authorities to validate the process of school activities. It was kind of a D day for all the teachers and other staff members. Even the principal would keenly observe the proceedings. We were instructed to clean our respective class rooms. The whole school would come to life for that day.

Later on, I never saw that kind of atmosphere neither in the college nor in the job. Obviously, I worked in advertising where inspections and audits weren’t a part of the procedure. Later on, when I started making films, my studio used to get involved in such inspection when we had to make a corporate video before the actual inspection for such companies. But they were the well planned videos.

Recently, during the Covid19 situation was haunting the world, again these inspections came into my life as a term called ‘virtual audit’.

What is Virtual audit?

Virtual audit is an audit where the auditors are sitting remotely and conducting audit using the tools like video conferencing, document sharing, etc.

Because of the Covid situations the international auditors were not flying and visiting the client’s location. They conducted the whole audit procedures online. For this process, the company needed strong video support. We checked their facility. We had to provide a professional video camera along with a cameraman and give the input to the video conferencing. What looked like a cake walk, was actually a very complex job. It was like capturing a live event, but at different levels at the same time. But our teams handled the whole procedures well and we became the permanent vendor for their virtual audits. Not only during the lockdowns, we have been regularly helping them out with these activities. Let’s understand the importance of hiring a professional video service for virtual audits.

What’s the use of video in virtual audit?

Virtual audits have become increasingly common in recent years, as businesses try to find new and innovative ways to conduct internal audits. One of the most important tools that virtual audits rely on is video technology.

First and foremost, video technology allows auditors to conduct remote interviews with employees and stakeholders. This is particularly useful for businesses with multiple locations, as it eliminates the need for auditors to travel to each site. Video interviews also allow auditors to see and hear from employees directly, which can provide valuable insights into the company's operations.

Another way in which video can be used in virtual audits is through the use of virtual walkthroughs. With video technology, auditors can conduct virtual tours of a facility, allowing them to see and assess the physical aspects of the business. This is particularly useful for audits of manufacturing facilities or warehouses, where it may be difficult or unsafe for auditors to physically visit the site.

Video can also be used to capture and analyze data. For example, auditors can use video technology to monitor production lines or other processes, which can help identify areas for improvement. Additionally, video can be used to capture evidence of non-compliance or other issues, which can be used to support audit findings.

Finally, video can be used to facilitate communication between auditors and other stakeholders. For example, auditors can use video conferencing to meet with management or other key personnel, regardless of their location. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and can lead to more efficient and effective audits.

In conclusion, video technology can be a valuable tool in virtual audits. From remote interviews to virtual walkthroughs and data analysis, video can help auditors gain a more complete picture of a business's operations. As businesses continue to embrace virtual audits, video technology is likely to become an increasingly important part of the process.

Why a professional video service?

High end equipment:

A video production house that you hire to supply you the professional services for your virtual audit, brings high quality equipment to the job. These equipment include a camera, lights, sound recording devices, HDMI converters, etc. When you have such equipment for our task, they ensure the best output when you are in conversation with your auditors.

Trained operators:

It's not only about equipment. When you have equally talented team of professionals, they bring in a serious approach to the whole process. They are trained in their craft. They bring in their experience in this act. No wonder, the result is just awesome.

Professional approach:

In any virtual audit, time is the most crucial aspect. Here comes the professional approach in the task when you hire a video production house. The equipment are of high quality, well maintained and timely tested. They understand the gravity of the assignment and deliver the desired effect on time.

Commitment to quality:

Professional equipment and trained technicians ensure the best quality results in your virtual audit. This kind of set up is the best when you are going in for a so much important task for your company.

Auditing and certification may land you with a huge contract of millions. Therefore, this is not the area where you would want to mess up. Don't rely on low quality equipment or unprofessional technicians. This task must be handled by someone who's really experienced in handling virtual audits.

Get in touch with us at for more information about the use of professional video set up in a virtual audit.

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