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Essential ingredients of a Corporate Video

We all know the power of a video in product promotion or brand promotion. People.. come on! Corporate video is your Brahmastra – the father of all weapons. Corporate video not only promotes a product or a brand, it helps in customer engagement and increase conversations. In a B2B content strategy, corporate video is a big YES!

And why is that? Let’s find out step by step.

Video content is loved the most

Time is absolutely precious and videos help you saving it. It gives right to the point information in the shortest span of time and a man in a hurry just loves that. No wonder, video content is consumed more. Moreover, human brain grasps visual content faster than any other content.

Great engagement

Customers like videos than reading texts. It’s a medium that is consumed and shared easily. A good video keeps the audience glued to the content. With the increased internet speed a high quality videos are easily accessible. They bring a great rate of engagement.

Make it right. Get it right.

Poor video content is swiped out in less than 3 seconds. It’s become real crucial to package a corporate video in an extremely skillful way. High quality shooting and editing with a suitable tone of narration gives a distinct value to the video. Audience love such content and such videos leave the perfect impact on them.

Break the clutter

When a video is made with a certain target audience in mind, the very target consumes many more such videos a day. Therefore, it becomes significant to showcase your video in the most unique manner. It should have a solid hook in the beginning and a slow built up to the climax. And it should end with a strong call to action so that the impact can be converted into businesss.


Distribution is the key

It’s important what channels and means you are using to distribute your video. For that, you need a strong video strategy. When you have such strategy at place, you also get to know how many video you can make and how you distribute them. Every brand should have at least 5 videos – Corporate Video long, Corporate video short version, Product video, Quality video, Customer Testimonials.

So folks, a corporate video is the must for your business. It sends the right message about what you are and what your brand stands for to your customers. And that's the reason why you should hire a professional video production house to do it in the most effective way. A quick check sheet can be - experience, portfolio, testimonials and understanding.

All the best!

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