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Content v/s Quality in a Video

Ideally this shouldn’t be the topic of any debate since these are two sides of a coin. You can’t have quality over content or content over quality. They are like two wheels in a bicycle. They both move each other. When we talk about a video I have seen people forgetting the most vital aspect and that is quality defines your content.

We come across a number of video clips on a daily basis – some brilliant, many poor, not even average. Smartphones have killed the sanctity of videos. It’s alright to capture your life on a camera phone, but it’s definitely can’t be recommended to use these video to market your business. It clearly show that you don’t respect your business. Every business, big or small, has a certain brand value and that either keeps on increasing or decreasing with each of your marketing effort. That includes your advertising communication, design, videos, your behaviour with your customers, availability of stock at your place, the kind of service you give to your customers, etc. In short your brand value increases with the amount of care you take of your customers. A good quality communication is the most vital aspect of it. It shows that you don’t take your customers for granted. You treat them with respect. You serve them with good quality content.

Video is a child’s play these days. Almost everyone has a camera in their phones. They know how to record it and some free apps provide you editing facilities. You can also get a couple of more apps to create a design out of your video and then your video is ready. By definition, it’s a video. No doubt about it.

These days I have been getting plenty of inquiries about videos assignment. More and more people are getting aware of the advantages of videos. That’s a very good thing. Even many of them don’t know what exactly they want and why do they require a video, they understand the need of using a video for marketing. Thankfully, gone are the days when we, the production houses, had to sell the category.

I can see business owners and marketers are aware of the power of videos. We are finally in the age of video advertising from advertising videos. It took us many years though to arrive at this juncture. But the best part is we have reached there.

The pandemic has made life hell of many businesses. There are two types of people – one those are genuinely hit by the pandemic and they are looking for low cost solutions. I am not saying cheap. On the other hand there are people who are taking advantage of the situation and demanding for services at way to lower than their worths. These are the people who have built their businesses by exploiting other. I meet on both of them on a regular basis. I genuinely feel to help the business owners in the first category. But I have consciously kept the later ones at bay. I don’t negotiate with them at all even if our business is hit too.

Quality was, is & will be everything. Period.

You can’t show a screen capture of a CCTV camera to sell your products or services until and unless a CCTV itself is your product. But then you’ll have to package it well. Believe me, people don’t like to watch even the greatest content packaged poorly. It’s the quality of packaging that drives your content to a new height. It’s all about marketing we are talking here. Every business needs to show a larger than life picture in their advertising videos. And there’s nothing wrong in giving aspirations to your buyers.

The quality of your video defines your buyer, your target audience. I meet people who tell me that they are ok with the video even if it is shot on a smartphone. I wish them all the best and end the conversation. You can’t deal with people who start so low. It’s not about my business of video production. It’s about your brand value. If you are not careful enough about your brand, why should I waste my precious time on your marketing?

Wise people always say that you should spend at least 35% of your revenue on your marketing efforts and advertising reserves a major share of it. We have come to a point where advertising is mainly done on social media and through videos. Now, imagine the kind of impact you leave on your customers when you post something cheap. Even though your products are great, content is rich, poor quality of video can kill the effect. I know quality comes with cost. But you’ll have to be prepared to share good quality videos. There are always solutions. You can work them out with your video partners.

Videos are going to stay for a long time now. You have to learn a few things about video marketing for you to deal with it in the most effective way.

I with you all the best for your great video content. Happy video marketing!

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