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Why should you use videos in your CRM program?

CRM via videos

Suddenly my friend, Vicky, thought of going for jogging in the morning. Now, Vicky being Vicky would not go without proper gear. He was not a morning person at all. But this session of a motivational speaker he had attended inspired him to wake up early and going for a run. He was not prepared at all. So, he had to collect a lot of things before starting his mission. So, he turned on his mobile phone to take a shopping spree. It began with an alarm clock. He was told not to use his mobile phone as an alarm clock. So, he wanted to buy a traditional alarm clock. He found plenty of options online. He checked the details, watched the product videos and finally bought one. Now, he wanted sports gears like a track suit and a pair of running shoes. Vicky checked each one of the branded items available online. But somehow he didn’t buy it. He couldn’t. He had read about the comfortability of the running shoes. If they don’t fit well, you might hurt your knees and ankles forever. So, he was very sceptical about buying them online. Vicky checked in into a mall where all the brand stores were ready for him to try out the sports gears. He checked Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Sketchers, etc and finally bought one online where he was getting discount.

How buying takes place in today’s world?

Almost all of us do the same I guess. These days buying funnel has expanded and the process of buying is a bit complicated – Desire to buy => product research online => experience offline => price comparison online => Purchase. This is a very lengthy process. In today’s scenario where attention span is reduced, it’s very much possible that a potential buyer may lose the interest. Marketers need to keep the buyers busy with information and offers all the time. That’s where CRM – Customer Relation Management – comes into play. It begins even before a person becomes your customer. Now, let’s study my friend Vicky’s case in this context. He was not a morning person and something prompted his desire to go for a run and so buy the running shoes. Now, he researched online and zeroed on a couple of products. But when it came to experiencing the product, he preferred to go to the showrooms. When he was satisfied with product experience, he came home and compared the prices. He bought it only where he got more discount. During this whole process he could have lost interest. Fortunately he didn’t. But I am sure the online sites must have kept his interest alive by sending him the ads and information about sports shoes on the social media sites and via mails. That’s customer relation management event before Vicky became their customer.

Experience is golden:

Why was Vicky so desperate to try the shoes before he bought it? It’s not only because we Indians don’t trust the brands so easily. We like to experience things before buying them. It’s not only about the habit, it’s also about making sure even though these online sites offer exchange or return.

Experience is the keyword. Live to believe – that’s how we humans have always been operating. Even though you purchase a pair of shoes online, you would go to a shop and try it before buying. We like to feel their touch and comfort before actually owning. That’s how we have been trained and programmed. But one pandemic has changed everything. Post Covid19 if one thing that is missing from our day to day life is experiencing it. Everything is virtual. People are scared to meet, greet and experience.

Videos in CRM:

That’s where video comes into play. Even though you can’t touch there are many products and services where you give that most desired customer experiences through videos. Not every product is a wearable or easy to try. But still you will have to buy it anyway. In these cases, if your buyer sees a video about its application and testimonials by some customers who have already used them, they’ll be promoted to buy your products or services. I watch many product videos on Amazon before buying it. When a buyer shows interest in your products or services, you start sending him emails about new products or offers as a part of your Customer Relation Management program. Under the same program, you can send them the links to your videos posted on your websites or on YouTube. This is the most effective ways of pushing customers towards making decision. Many time, an interested lead who’s on the fence, is converted into a customer with the help of such videos.

Customer Experience Video:

Typically a customer experience video contains the features and benefits of a product, its applications and testimonials by the users. You can also include graphics to show intricate details or how a product functions. These sleek videos are your silent ambassadors who give a gentle push to the people stuck with the buying decisions in the sales funnels.

These videos are made with the help of someone professional like One Mile Ahead Films, one of the top most agencies in Pune. Professional people always understand the objectives of the videos and produce them with that treatment.

The most essential part of a customer experience video is the timing you show it to your customers. It’s needed to show when they are about to make a decision. This video is a deciding factor, not a sales video.

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